The Herron Brothers

Review – The Herron Brothers – The Last Ones Left

5th October 2018 Alexandra Keene

Self-proclaimed indie pop group, The Herron Brothers, are due to grace the stages of Nottingham’s Jam Cafe on October 22nd. So – to help you make up your minds about whether to attend this leg of their UK tour – we’ve delved into the depths of their new album to give you all the info you need. »»»

Ben Smith

Review – Ben Smith – Streets

29th September 2018 Alexandra Keene

Singer. Songwriter. Acoustic music lover. Festival performer. Ben Smith has been many things since the start of his music career. Now, he must add one attribute to the list: producer of a debut E.P. The collection, entitled Streets, was released on September 21st, and is a four-song long example of exactly what makes Smith an up-and-coming talent. »»»


Review – Alex Cavan – Introspection

28th September 2018 Alexandra Keene

Our fair city is home to an immeasurably large number of talented musicians, that’s for sure. There are those that have been born here, who have grown into their music on Nottingham’s streets and will always have a place for it in their hearts. Then there are people like Alex Cavan, born halfway across the world (South Africa to be exact) and yet his tunes have found their way into our town. »»»


Review – Alice Short – Memories Of It

23rd September 2018 Alexandra Keene

The October launch of Alice Short’s new single at Nottingham’s Angel Microbrewery is her first ever headline set, and her new track, Memories Of It, will be heard by fans for the first time. Here’s an insight into what you might be able to expect… »»»


Review – Youth Hotel

21st September 2018 Alexandra Keene

When artistic youngsters come together, each with their own talents and tastes, bands such as Youth Hotel tend to form. The group, created by five teenagers all the way back in 2017, have so far demonstrated their indie style with two releases: debut single Little Miss Sunshine and Candyflip, a tune from their upcoming EP. »»»


Review – Kevin Stayte

6th September 2018 Alexandra Keene

Three songs, three opportunities to talk about an up-and-coming talent. Kevin Stayte, a singer-songwriter with a less than massive discography, has just begun work on his first solo album. »»»

Articles and News

The Electronic Music Open Mic Night

1st September 2018 Alexandra Keene

The second Electronic Music Open Mic Night – or EMOM – arrived at Nottingham’s Chameleon Arts Cafe this month. With crowds bigger than anyone expected, and a sign-up sheet full from the minute it was available… »»»

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