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This item was first published in our mag’s former incarnation, ‘NMNM’.
Interviewer: Adam Humphreys

Meet Aye Nizzy, a fresh talented solo artist who’s already making waves on the local music scene here in Nottingham. His new EP Good for Me is best described as a feel-good anthem and is a beautiful mixture of R&B, hip-hop and reggae. Also check out the video below – it’s a nod to a Shakespearean love story. For anyone who doesn’t know of Nizzy’s music, get yourself over to the Via Fossa tonight (8th June 2018) and see exactly what’s this guy’s all about. Keep an eye out for this guy as superstardom will be beckoning him and very soon.

So, your new EP Good for Me came out via Qkay Africa very recently, what’s the response been so far?

The response has been good but when you have global dreams and sights on global super stardom, you always want more.

When did you work on the single?

The single was written and recorded in March 2017.

And whereabouts did you film the video?

China town, London, and in chilli cheez studio, London.

What’s the story behind the making of Good for Me?

It’s a feel-good anthem.

And what’s the single itself about?

A modern-day Romeo + Juliet story with a twist.

Musical influences behind the single?

Reggae, R&B, hip hop I think that is transcended in my sound.

Did you work with anyone during the making of the single?

Lavina Marie (female vocalist), Jay Ramsay (producer), Ken Samson (mix), Mark Gamble (master).

Has there been much media response?

There’s been some, but there hasn’t been enough.

Can it be heard on The Beat or any other radio station?

It was premiered on 1xtra 07/03/18 by DJ target.

Are you looking forward to debuting the song this tonight at Via Fossa?

Of course.

What can people, as well as your fans, expect at the gig?

They can expect nothing but good vibes. Good music. Unheard music. And also, some of the best talent from the East Midlands.

Are you doing a promotional tour of your new song?

Unfortunately, not.

So, what’s next for any Nizzy, and soon-to-be Nizzy fans?

The next thing for Aye Nizzy is more music and more movements. The only outcome is greatness.

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