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MusicNotts Talks With… Evil Scarecrow

23rd October 2018 Adam Humphreys

Ladies and gentlemen, rock lovers of Nottingham and fans of the theatrical say Hi to Evil Scarecrow. This five-piece outfit are also known by their stage names Dr Rabid Hell, Brother Dimitri Pain, Kraven Morrdeth, Ringmaster Monty Bliztfist and Princess Luxury, the only woman of the band. »»»

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MusicNotts Talks With… Chai Larden

9th October 2018 Adam Humphreys

May we introduce you to Chai Larden, one of Nottingham’s biggest musical talents since Indiana. Her talents and work as a singer-songwriter have led to her collaborating with other musical greats made right here in Nottingham such as The Invisible Orchestra and as part of the Chai/Ben Hibbert duo. »»»

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MusicNotts Talks With… Temples on Mars

1st October 2018 Adam Humphreys

Rock lovers of Nottingham may we introduce you to James, Gerald, Daz and Dean, four musical rockers whom together form Temples on Mars. These guys have been together since 2014 and have been gaining a massive following ever since and with their debut album coming out on release this year things look set to get even bigger for them. »»»

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MusicNotts Talks With… The 500

26th September 2018 Adam Humphreys

The 500 fuses together rock metal with melody along with riffs performed on an 8-string guitar, with some impressive results. Front-man John Woods-Eley provides raw belligerent vocals with pure aggression and energetic hype and are haunting. These guys are the British answer to Alice in Chains and Lamb of God. »»»

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MusicNotts Talks With… Raised By Wolves

4th September 2018 Adam Humphreys

Wolves’ music is what happens when metal meets burley tones, powerful guitars, intense lyrics and vocals that alone are a force to be reckoned with. They’re Nottingham’s answer to Thy Art Is Murder, Lamb of God and Bullet For My Valentine. »»»

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MusicNotts Talks With… Primal

5th August 2018 Adam Humphreys

Meet Rory, Dan and Greg, the trio who together make Primal. Now with a name like theirs you’d be forgiven if you thought they were just solid-rock. Primal’s sound combines rock and blues with some superb vocals thrown into the mix, courtesy of Rory and Dan. »»»

Strange Currencies
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MusicNotts Talks With… Strange Currencies

17th July 2018 Adam Humphreys

Meet Paul, Claudine, Steve, Andrew and Robert, the five who form the UK’s, and more especially Nottingham’s, answer to Red Hot Chili Peppers. These guys have been on the Nottingham music scene for the past couple of years and each have experience from other bands, and the practice seems to have paid off. »»»

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MusicNotts Talks With… Pemphigoid

14th July 2018 Adam Humphreys

Meet Ash, Bill and Rich, otherwise known as Pemphigoid, the rock-metal trio who are oozing raw, primal energy upon the rock lovers of Nottingham, along with a serving of pure evil. Screamo voices that’ll make your hair stand on end. »»»

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MusicNotts Talks With… Aye Nizzy

8th June 2018 Adam Humphreys

Meet Aye Nizzy, a fresh talented solo artist who’s already making waves on the local music scene here in Nottingham. His new EP Good for Me is best described as a feel-good anthem and is a beautiful mixture of R&B, hip-hop and reggae. »»»

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MusicNotts Talks With… The Medea Project

3rd June 2018 Adam Humphreys

Brett, Pauline and Bradley, the trio who embrace all things dark, gothic and rock metal in the music scene, as well as the darker side of human nature. Including doom. The Medea Project have been performing for fifteen years, the last couple of those here in Nottingham bringing the taste of goth/death rock to the venues of Nottingham. »»»

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