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Tell us about AC Audio

Well the company was founded by ourselves, Connor Welsh and Ashley Skelton in 2017. AC Audio Productions and Events are a Nottingham based, rising company and we just want provide the best up and coming artists with the opportunities to get their music heard through events and production work.

We are now a year down the line and things picked up more than we ever imagined. One of the developments that we are proud of is that we are now in association with other companies like Top-Up Music Management. They have definitely been a great company to work with and extremely helpful along our journey.

We are also extremely proud of experiencing, what we like to call our ‘local claims to fame’ by having our events feature on well known music Facebook pages such as Nusic (previously being in their ‘Top Three Gigs Of The Week’) and Roots Live Music Magazine.

We have worked with some of the most exciting new artists on the scene such as The Ruffs, The Chase and many more along our journey, both in the studios and on the live music scene.

When and how did your business start?

Well we actually only met each other two years ago at Confetti Creative Institute of Technology, whilst at university studying Audio and Music Technology. I think when we both started the course, we were both extremely out of our comfort zones with meeting new people, being introduced to professional studios etc and I think that’s why we relied on each other and our group of friends to spur each other on.

The company actually started out as a university project, where we had to showcase our abilities of working to deadlines and collaborating with other artists. After the project had finished, we just decided to continue with it and see how far we could go. I think we had our disbelief’s at first as to whether we could do it because we started out with basically no direction or a basis to develop ideas from.

We initially started out as purely a production company, offering artists studio time for low prices, working with two brilliant artists – Izzie Maclean and George Mitchell – in the run up towards December last year. In around October last year, we received an offer to run a Halloween music event in Didsbury, Manchester. It was definitely an experience we won’t forget as we were travelling through the snow on our way to find the venue, getting absolutely head-to-toe soaking wet.

Since then, we’ve never really looked back. We love putting events on for musicians that deserve it and we’ve worked at some pretty brilliant venues such as The Maze and The Angel Microbrewery. All of the artists that we’ve worked with have been amazing as well.

What is your average day at work like?

Our average day working varies really. There are so many different elements we have to tackle on a daily basis such as planning ahead for future events by booking venues, talking to artists that we feel are suitable and deserve to play the gigs, trying to figure out our potential overhead costs and the best strategy to give something back to the artists.

Other aspects include sorting out the schedule times for event days, signing contracts with both the artists and the venues. Social media plays a large part of our daily duties. Whether it is for promotional purposes or purely to find new talent.

We think our favourite thing to do to find new talent is definitely going to gigs and open mic nights. We feel seeing the artist live gives you more of that ‘Wow’ factor that we’re looking for. There’s so many more things we could mention, but we’d be here all day. It is a stressful job, but the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives. This is what we love to do, haha.

What’s the absolute best part about your business?

We think that the best part about our company is the acknowledgement we receive after a great event or a brilliant studio session from the artists. It really does go to show that what we’re doing is genuinely appreciated.

We usually tend to stay behind the scenes during events, making sure things run as smoothly as possible and to have the artists come up to us afterwards and thank us for the job we do is definitely the most amazing part of our job. And we definitely appreciate all the effort they put in as well, working with such amazing musicians is what makes our job worthwhile.

What’s the weirdest experience during your time running AC Audio?

I think one incident stands out more than anything. It was whilst doing an event at The Angel Microbrewery with the likes of The Ruffs, The Chase, LNC and Leonora. Now, during our events we tend to take it in shifts manning the door and stamping people so we know who has paid and who has not.

There was one particular band, who really did everything the rock and roll way. They were having drink after drink and one of the members of the band had requested to get their private parts stamped. We thought it was hilarious and so we agreed to do it. He so proudly let the crowd know it had happened as well. Definitely the weirdest experience we’ve had when working.

Do you have any pet peeves, about any particular aspect of the music scenes/community/business in Nottinghamshire?

Not particularly. We do definitely stress out when our artists are running late to our events. We’d like to run a tight schedule, but we know that there’s no such thing in this line of work as things out of our hands happen, such as artists being stuck in traffic or having to arrive later due to their day jobs. In the end, everything works out. A few breakdowns and a lot of hair loss too late sometimes, but it always works out, haha.

What do you see as the best things about the world of music in Nottinghamshire?

We think the best thing about the world of music in Nottinghamshire is definitely the music community and the friendships that you develop in this line of work. Everyone just wants to build each other up and spur each other on. We love helping people out, mainly through social media by promoting other people’s events and pages. That’s what we feel a community is, people offering others a helping hand.

Can you give any advice or pointers for anyone considering getting into the same business as you?

One thing that we have definitely found out along the way is that commitment and perseverance pays off. Sometimes during our first few months, we were so afraid to put a foot wrong, doubting whether the company was going to be a success or a joke. But now, when we look back on our time with the company, we look back on how far we’ve come and feel proud.

We’re not afraid to make mistakes because that is something that we feel you must experience and it’s how you learn to deal with the mistakes and still continue. It’s all a part of the journey. You never know, you could find yourself in a surreal position one day, doing an interview with Notts Music Network Magazine, telling your story, haha.

What’s next for AC Audio Productions and Events?

We’re just going to go about our business as usual, hopefully providing you with an insight into tomorrow’s biggest musicians. We have a lot planned for later this year, events wise. We’re currently in discussions about an all day charity event in November to raise awareness for men with mental health issues. It is still in the early stages, but there’s definitely going to be some surprises for you. That’s all we can say about that for now, haha.

In the future, we would love for the company to be dealing with the biggest artists at the biggest venues, but for now, we need to keep our heads down and carry on going in the direction that we’ve been going.

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