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Meet Rory, Dan and Greg, the trio who together make Primal. Now with a name like theirs you’d be forgiven if you thought they were just solid-rock. Primal’s sound combines rock and blues with some superb vocals thrown into the mix, courtesy of Rory and Dan.

They are daring when their music is concerned and they don’t like most of the band’s you’ll have heard these days and draw influences from musical greats such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and The Black Keys to name but a few.

Listen to songs such as Lucky Soul, Running Wild and Good Luck from their current EP Heart & Soul and let’s see what you think. You might just be adding another few tracks to your personal playlist before the day’s through.

Who are you?

Rory Wilson (Lead Vocals)
Dan Bigland (Guitars/Vocals)
Greg McAndry (Drums)

So how did you three get together?

I started writing a few tracks with really bluesy vibes before we were a band. Dan and I have been friends for years so we play really well together. This led to Dan having a jam with me and we liked how the tracks sounded! We continued to write blues tracks together with our previous drummer but there were some issues and we had to look for a new guy to wield the sticks… AKA Greg! who joined just as we were starting to find our sound and write some cooool sounding blues tracks! And Primal was formed!

Which artists have been an influence on your music?

Our band is influenced by literally all genres but to name our top 5:

Led Zeppelin Rival Sons Black Keys Black Sabbath Soundgarden

Describe Primal in five words

Explosive Groovy Daring Raw Loud

What’s the story behind the band’s name?

When I was writing some of our early songs, they sounded so raw and primitive. The drums were tribal and the guitars were crass and heavy and primal felt like a good way of describing the chaos!

On a scale of 1-10, how rock are you?

Err 10 obviously! We aren’t entirely about ‘rock’ as our core is soulful and we love to add different genres in the mix, but when we play live we do sound beefy AF.

Describe a Primal gig to MusicNotts readers

We usually come on say nothing and instantly explode into our first song! I tend to introduce the band a few songs in to keep that initial energy and surprise going. We are very energetic and we love to get the crowd involved when we can. Depending on how we feed off the crowd, it can get pretty crazy!!!

Have you played in many Nottingham/Nottinghamshire venues?

Pretty much all of them now! We love Nottingham as a city! There are so many venues and the city really thrives off the music scene

Out of all the venues in town which has been your favourite to date?

We played the Bodega supporting Fantastic Negrito and it was an amazing gig! It was packed out with 150 people and the crowd was incredibly energetic! We still look back on that and love it!

Are you looking forward to performing at this year’s Hockley Hustle?

Of course! We love the event as it offers so many unsigned bands chance to play at something truly cool! And the organisers do such a great job!

Have you played further afield yet?

We are itching to do a European tour in the future. Once we have really cultivated a strong fan base we will go for it! We’d love to travel and spread the Primal sound everywhere!

Has there been any interest from The Beat or any other radio station yet?

We have been played twice on BBC Introducing now and have had some brilliant feedback and support! After we were interviewed live on air we were offered a gig at Rough Trade in Nottingham as part of the BBC introducing Faction event showcasing new upcoming artists! We are trying to get on as many radio stations as possible too!

Lastly, where can your music be heard?

You can find us on Spotify and Apple Music. But if you want to download our stuff you can visit the link below:

To buy a physical copy of our CDs email

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