MusicNotts Talks With… Raised By Wolves

Rock lovers of Nottingham may I introduce you to Steev, Connor, Chayce, Dan Bingley and Dan, five lads who together make Wolves Don’t Sleep.

Wolves’ music is what happens when metal meets burley tones, powerful guitars, intense lyrics and vocals that alone are a force to be reckoned with. They’re Nottingham’s answer to Thy Art Is Murder, Lamb of God and Bullet For My Valentine.

Have a listen to some of their tracks such as The Monster You Are, Wrought of Iron and Oathbreaker for your listening pleasure. Also, whilst you’re at it check the video for the song Hope Won’t Set You Free and see what you think of it, it’s just under 6 minutes long, abstract and featured vocals from JJ Spencer, who’s also from Nottingham. He’s the lead singer of Azazel in case you’re wondering.

Who are you?

Steev – Vocals
Connor – Drums
Chayce – Guitar/vocals
Dan Bingley – Bass/vocals
Dan – Guitar

How did you get together?

Steev – I had just left a Hair Metal band (let’s never discuss that) because I was sick of the everything to do with it and was going through a tough time personally and I felt like getting back into heavier music was the best step for me creatively and emotionally. So I got hold of Chayce and Connor and explained the plan I had to form a band and what I planned to achieve and we set to work writing what would become the first ep “The Monster You Are”.

Over the years with members leaving, Chayce in bands previously with both Dan’s so they got recruited.

What influences your style of music?

All the bands we listen to individually that goes into the melting pot that is our writing process.

Describe Wolves Don’t Sleep in five words

heavy music with sad lyrics

On a scale of 1-10, how rock are you?


Story behind band’s name?

The name came from the phrase “wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep” for it basically lays out our whole attitude in regards to everything we do as this band and how we will not compromise who we are.

Describe a Wolves Don’t Sleep gig to the MusicNotts readers

Very fast, frantic and heavy. Interlaced with post speeches and peep show quotes.

How many gigs have you had in Nottingham/Nottinghamshire recently?

We haven’t had any gigs in Notts since the Metal 2 the masses semi final.

Any venue you particularly enjoyed playing at?

Playing Rock City Basement is always a favourite for us we love the stage and it’s fun to climb on everything while we play.

Any festival opportunities both in Nottingham and further afield?

We don’t have any other festival slots booked, if you are reading this it is a very big hint that you should book us.

How many times have you performed at Macmillan Fest in Nottingham?

This is our second year now which is amazing, me (steev) and Connor played the first few Macmillan fest’s in our first band.

Looking forward to playing at Stealth this Saturday?

We have been looking forward to this since we were asked to play it is going to be amazing.

Have you been played on the radio, or on The Beat?

We’ve been played on internet radio not on the real radio cos we’re not cool enough, and we haven’t been played on “the beat” either.

Lastly where can fans listen to your music?

Spotify, apple music, google play, YouTube. Just about any and every form of music streaming platform.

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