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Tom Shawcroft

Meet Tom Shawcroft, the next hottest musical talent to hit the Nottingham music scene.

Now he might not be your typical rock’n’roll type of guy that you’d expect but when it comes to the fusion of electro-pop, indie and introspective he doesn’t fail to impress.

Born and raised in the East Midlands, Shawcroft is a regular in the Nottingham music scene, having graced the stage of gigs and festivals across the region including the Bodega Social and the Dot-To-Dot festival.

Tom’s music has also picked up media attention across the globe, with NME, BBC Radio Wales, and American college radio stations promoting his latest EP titled ‘Let’s Paint a Picture’. For your listening pleasure, check out ‘You’re in Love’, ‘Cool Kids’ and ‘Comfort You (stripped)’.

MusicNotts sat down with Tom Shawcroft to find out what really makes him tick…

So, when did you decide to begin a career in music?
I’ve had an interest in writing and producing music since I was about 11. My interest sky-rocketed when I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, but it only really hit me that I wanted to pursue this as a career last year, after I spontaneously released an album of songs I wrote in my bedroom over a few months.

And how long have you been performing?
I’ve been performing since last year, too – playing a gig at The Bodega Social Club before last Christmas to kick it all off.

What influences your style of music?
I love the music that I was surrounded by when I was younger. But what really stuck me was the concept of being a ‘bedroom producer’. Nowadays, I listen to whatever people recommend to me. I love artists like The Japanese House and EDEN in the way that they create atmosphere within their music.

As a solo artist describe yourself in five words
Introspective, electronic, indie and pop.

On a scale of 1-10, how rock are you?
I’d say about 3. My newer music taps into rock-ish vibes but I’m much more of a pop guy!

Some solo artists use stage names, have you ever considered it?
Definitely! Though, the way I create my music as a journal, I like that it comes from me. Growing up, I admired the likes of Owl City; but people would often think Owl City was a band. I think that it takes credit away from the fact that the songs were written, produced and mixed as a product of only one person’s mind – and I admire that so much!

During your time in music have you ever wanted to collaborate with other Nottingham-based artists such as ‘You Want Fox’ and ‘Gallery 47’?
I’ve got some Nottingham-based collaborations on the way. Since starting my career, I’ve made friends with people who make music in the local scene such as Tori Sheard and Katie Cooper. Nottingham is home to the most supportive artists which you simply don’t get anywhere else.

So far, you’ve released an EP called ‘Let’s Paint a Picture’, what’s the reaction been like so far?
So far, I’m really digging the support. I spent a long time on my new music, cycling back and forth on which mix sounded better and which vocal melody sits better – so to receive messages from people all over the world saying that the music moved them, that gives me a sense of pride for what I do.

How long did it take you to work on it?
I decided the make the EP way back in October, so a year from start to finish. I’m always writing, so there were a few tracks that I was considering adding to the EP but had to restrain myself as they didn’t fit the overall theme. Behind the scenes, the team and I had been working on a music video for the title track of the EP. The feedback from the video, already, has been astonishing.

Describe a Tom Shawcroft gig to MusicNotts readers
Punchy! I bring out my guitar and do some live sampling. I try and make the show fun for everyone there!

Out of all the venues in Nottingham which are your top 3?
I played my EP launch gig at The Chameleon Arts Cafe, it had a great atmosphere and the venue was great. I was invited to play at the Dot to Dot festival on The Orange Tree’s stage – again the atmosphere was amazing. I also loved playing at Rough Trade. All equally great venues!

Have you played further afield yet?
I did a gig in London earlier this year, so I guess I have! I went down with my friends and shared the stage with grime artist Big Narstie.

Has your music been played on any radio stations yet?
Dean Jackson and The Beat are strong supporters of my career and I really appreciate that. They’ve played more than 10 of my tracks on air already. I’ve had support from Nottingham’s FLY FM, and further afield with BBC Radio Wales and a few American College radio stations.

Lastly where can fans listen to your music?
I can recommend Spotify, but pretty much available on any online music streaming platform across the world. I also release a few extra things over on YouTube like stripped back versions and music videos.

If electro-pop indie fusion is your cup of tea, why not check out Tom Shawcroft online…

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