Review – New Apostles – Born Again Free Thinkers

Born Again Free Thinkers. Title of a new album? Yes. Description of what Nottingham’s New Apostles want their newest collection to embody? Yes. A free-flowing 9-track release with a few surprises mixed in for good measure? Yes.

Kicking off with a slow, melancholy tune, this September release brings its listeners in with soft instrumentals to back a relatively monotonous vocal. Gravity is not an all singing all dancing affair – it doesn’t have bells and whistles attached. It’s a nice song to kick off an exciting album.

Second song Line Of Heart begins heavier than its predecessor. It has much the same markings as the tune that came before it, but I’m glad to hear it’s different enough in tone to give the listener some sense of progression.

Spoken-word lyrical elements can work wonders for a tune, if the artist does it properly and is sure of the outcome they want from this kind of different approach. A few songs in this collection take this risk: each, it must be said, with positive results.

Mysteries Of The Universe mixes this style with a soft backing track. With this change in pace, this very short song becomes one of the most interesting on the tracklist.

Kicking off with this spoken-word style before the introduction of a proper drum beat, Primitive adds yet another style of song to this relatively-short collection. I happen to be a fan of acts experimenting with their approach when it comes to longer releases, and when it comes to this New Apostles can’t be faulted.

Windmill Ridge concludes this release. A song that reaches almost 12 minutes. A strange song to finish a strange album. Strange, but not necessarily bad. All in all, New Apostles have their own version of experimental alternative music down to an art.

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