Review – Steve Page live @ the Rescue Rooms 18/8/2018

Steve Page live @ the Rescue Rooms

The doors opened just after 18:30 and slowly the crowds started pouring in. Crowds were treated to Mr Page’s musical collaborators, Craig Northey and Kevin Fox, who between themselves did a few solo numbers together and a few more individual solos. I have to admit they were quite good actually.

One demonstrated what he could do with a cello, the other a guitar. Surprisingly they worked well together. The warm-up acts were mostly acoustic sets combined with music and general chit-chat between themselves and the audience; they must’ve taken some tips from Adele.

The main man himself made, shall we just say, an appearance of sorts. During the solo acoustic sets, one of the guys asked if the other heard any feedback, and this led to the theory of a phantom fourth person. It turned out that Steven Page, with the help of the technical crew, pulled a clever, nifty trick where he was able to make himself heard on-stage without even being there.

A small shout-out to the technical crew and their assisted bag of tricks.

Moments later it was the moment that everyone had been waiting for, and while the crowds had continued to pour in, Steven Page himself entered stage-right. Seriously the man had barely said a single word to the audience and they were giving him one hell of an applause, and to be honest he is worth it.

Along with Craig and Kevin he did a couple of songs from his BNL days but treated the audience to his new solo material which definitely got the crowd’s seal of approval.

Steven’s got one of those voices, along with the charisma, and musical genius that can command an entire room, even one as big as the Rescue Rooms with minimal effort. Like many, probably, I found myself asking if these guys would form as an official musical trio as the three of them just seem to work so well with each other. I have to admit I wouldn’t mind seeing these guys back in Nottingham.

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