Review – Tom Shawcroft – Let’s Paint A Picture

A few months ago, we reviewed Tom Shawcroft’s newest release, DarlingNow, he’s back with a brand new EP (released on Novemeber 1st). So what better to do than let you know what we think of it!

The collection, titled Let’s Paint A Picture, is made up of only four songs. But that’s four opportunities for Shawcroft to show us more of the experimental “indie” tunes Darling showed us.

The collection quickly establishes itself in the realm of mellow electronic releases. The first song – Feeling Better – had no heavy beat to pick up, instead opting for a light, slightly abstract, instrumental.

Shawcroft’s vocals lack a little at times, but the quality of the backing track helps that – this artist’s talents clearly lie in electronic music production.

Next up: Bring Me Down, a more acoustic track with a shallow but notable base. The introduction of an additional (female) voice from artist MAAGS is definitely a nice touch. This is an interesting tune for the collection, and adds another dimension to Shawcroft’s EP early on.

There’s no doubt that these tunes fall into the genre of electronic music, but these aren’t electronic dance songs – they’re foot-tapping slow, somewhat mellow, productions.

The album’s title track Let’s Paint A Picture offers a more upbeat tune. Half-way through, a different tone kicks in – a heavier beat certainly mixes up the atmosphere of the track.

I believe a title track should offer something special to the collection it is a part of. In this respect, this tune succeeds: whilst not necessarily “special”, it is certainly unique.

Finally, a slightly classical song concludes Shawcroft’s EP. Long Summer certianly offers a change of pace: a somewhat operatic, classical instrumental tone kicks off this tune sets the scene for an experimental finish to the collection.

This is a very short collection, that has to be said. Good quality music balances occasionally shaky vocals in a surprisingly experimental offering from a firmly electronic artist.

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