Review – Vertical Noise – It’s Not What You Think

Trio Vertical Noise, self-professed Queen’s Of The Stone Age style grunge artists, are currently gigging their most recent release, It’s Not What You Think.

Released August 10th, 2018, this E.P. is made up of 6 tunes –  and comes with some serious character, whatever you may think of the musical talents involved in its production.

The collection starts off loud and angry, not a bad start to a release into a genre such as this if you ask me. Heavy on the guitar, and with fast-paced vocals to match, it is clearly trying to get the blood pumping. And if this is its only aim – to kick off the collection with boisterous alt-rock – i’d say it’s successful.

As their E.P. moves on, through its second tune, Nice Stuff, and its third: Carbon Copy, it’s clear this group sticks to what they’re good at. In this case, that would be upbeat vocals and a lot of guitar.

Tune number four, Twatellite Navigation, begins a little different. A far more acoustic tone sets up the song before a few heavy guitar riffs kick in midway.  It’s nice to see the group do have another level – even if they seem a little reluctant to spend much time on it.

The collection concludes with another (mostly) heavy tune. But, finally, one with a little less bite and vocals with a far calmer inflection. This was, in my opinion at least, a pretty decent way to round off this track-list.

Vertical Noise clearly do a few things very well. When it comes to guitar riffs and powerful vocals, there can’t really be any doubt that their skills lie in these areas. Despite this, it’s always nice to see a group throw in a tune to mix up what they already know and give something a little different a try.

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