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There have been many men with many acoustic guitars making music over the years. Warren Ireland is one of these men, and his contribution to this ever-expanding genre is called Crazy. 

The six-song long E.P. has all the hallmarks of an ever-so-typical alternative acoustic album. This is not to say it is necessarily unenjoyable to listen to; if you ask me there’s always something soothing about the productions of one artist and a few acoustic instruments.

Just Come Talk To Me kicks off the collection. It’s a song that builds slowly, finally coming together to form a mellow country-style tune. An acoustic guitar and well-placed beat back impressive vocals. All in all, it’s nothing short of a very pleasant start to Ireland’s album.

We all know how it feels to turn on a tune with just the right tempo to get your foot tapping as it moves through the motions. Quick, but certainly not rushed. This is the beat Til We’re Alone – the next song on the E.P. – hones in on. It fits perfectly with the genre Ireland’s music fits into.

As this album continues to play, I find myself ever-more absorbed by the quality of Ireland’s vocals. This E.P. is not ground-breaking, but there’s a lot that can be said in praise of doing what we must refer to as the basics this well.

Mama Said begins like every other tune in this collection: an acoustic guitar and a rhythmic beat. However, the introduction of an electric guitar at the song’s half-way point throws up a much-needed change of pace.

Next up: the love song. Wanderlust’s slow strumming matches slow vocals in this sweet offering to the world of acoustic love ballads. Yes, this genre is saturated, but for good reason; who doesn’t love a good love song every now and again?

The last two tracks in this album speak more to a folk style. A glimmer of The Fratellis peaks through the melody during Mr Big Man, while title track Crazy carries this trend to the end of the collection. These tunes uphold the same musical principles as the others on the tracklist, but with the introduction of this new element set themselves as my firm favourites.

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